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Mike Filippello is a self-taught artist who recently moved to Florida, and is just starting to develop his own sense of creative style with his paintings and drawings.

Mike Filippello was born and raised in Lyons, a small town in the Fingerlakes Region of upstate New York. He has always loved the creative things like writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. In his Senior year of high school, he "discovered" ceramic art and throughout that final year of high school had a great time making a series of ceramic toys, including one of his favorite pieces, a white ship, with red and blue pinstripes painted on it.

In the fall of 1992, Mike decided to take a chance and write a children's book . So he created an imaginary planet called "TwinkleWinkle" and writes all his stories based on that little planet, which is wide open to anything, including the names of the characters, places, and things that can
be found on "Twinkle Winkle." Vowing that he would never stop pursuing publication, he found the reality in his dream when "The Tales of Twinkle Winkle" was published as an ebook in September of 2001, which is sold on the internet through email or as a floppy disk.

While he still enjoys writing and illustrating his children's books, he decided to get back into drawing, and since he has always had a strong interest in folk art, this genre of art was automatically the one that he started to do. At the same time he thought about painting again and purchased some paints and posterboard and has to admit that he is hooked!

Now, all he wants to do is paint!

Mike says, "I really love painting, and now I have found a new sense of creativity with doing the kind of artwork that I really love to do."

Mike is married to his best friend of eight years, Tricia. They live happily with their French Poodle-Sir Valentino Beauregard of Barrontippeny, and their Calico cat - Talia.

We hope you enjoy Mike's art work!



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