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"My purpose is to demonstrate just how splendid life really is - or can be, and to contribute to a new Renaissance here on Earth where all individuals may flourish and prosper. What better time for a new Renaissance than at the beginning of a new millennium!"
~ Linda Mears

Born in Southern California, Linda was raised in a semi-rural setting, with farms, ranches, beaches and mountains nearby. Summers were spent traveling and experiencing the sights and activities of the United States. At a very early age these experiences sparked her interest in representing artistically what she saw.

Linda's family roots and her travels in Europe have influenced her work. In keeping with her Dutch heritage, Linda has spent a lifetime engaged in creative activities such as sewing, doll making, woodwork, painting, clay sculpture, jewelry design, guitar, piano and even poetry.

In 1987, Jay Johnson of Jay Johnson’s Gallery on Madison Avenue on New York’s Upper East Side discovered Linda. She immediately became one of Jay’s top sellers. And her work continues to appear in galleries, museums, publications, products, exhibitions and private collections worldwide.

The appeal of Linda's work lies in her great attention to detail, brilliant colors, and strength of composition. Her delight in life and in art become revealed with her brush, paints and canvas in her country landscapes, still-life florals, roosters, cats, and other popular subjects. Each painting creates an aura of wonder that invites the viewer to participate in the fascination of the moment.

To Linda, art is the "quality of communication," where message and emotion pass between the artist and those viewing her work. It is an active interchange.

Linda currently lives in Southern California with her husband Charles, a computer software consultant and writer of science-fiction/fantasy, twenty-three-year-old Amy and seventeen-year-old Libby.


Artists for a Better World, Hollywood, CA

Visual Artists Association Celebrity Center International, Hollywood, CA

The Museum of American Folk Art, New York, NY

The Smithsonian Museum, New York, NY

1986 ~ 2002

Frank J. Miele Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York City, NY

Musse d'Art International de Bages, France

Le Musse d'Art International Yvon-M. Daigle, Magog, Quebec

Toad Hall Galleries in Cooperstown and in New York City, NY

American Arts in Embassies Program

Galerie Pro Arte Kasper, Morges, Switzerland

Yvon Daigle Galerie Art Naif, Magog, Quebec

Galerie Je Reviens, Westport, CT

B & R Gallery, Canyon Country, CA

Jean Reed Galleries, Nyack, NY

Gallery of the Eccentric, Coral Gables, FL

Art Lover's Gallery, Key West, FL

Garden Silks Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Jay Johnson Gallery, Madison Avenue, NY

Gallery Street, televised gallery and talk show - featuring Linda Mears

Marquis Who's Who in American Art


We are so excited to have Linda join us here at We know you will love her work...ENJOY! Click HERE to go there now!



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